Sunday, July 15, 2012

We have been packing up our lives this week, which is such a crazy feeling.  A lot of our stuff is just going into storage for about a year, so as I go through our house I try to separate our things into "won't need for at least a year" and "will need within a year."  I know I'm not supposed to be attached to worldly possessions, but there are several things I'm going to miss.  A lot of our pictures and decorations that I've had such fun gathering and putting around the house.  Having bookshelves full of my well-read (and some not-so-well-read) books.  I will just be that much more excited when I get to unpack these things in a year when we move into our own place again.  It will be like one massive Christmas, or like finding something you had lost, or finding something you had forgotten you ever owned.  Packing is coming along though, but I'm running out of things I can pack now and won't need in the next two weeks before we actually move.  Although... as I start thinking more, there will be plenty to keep me busy. 

We've also started saying our goodbyes, which is always sad and weird.  We've had to say goodbye to some of our friends already.  And then on Saturday we said goodbyes to some "things."  We made our last trip to Icing on the Cake in downtown Los Gatos, for some of the bestest cupcakes ever in such a sweet little downtown area.  We went to one of our favorite Thai places around here, Amarin Thai (or, more accurately, Mark got take-out).  And we also made our (hopefully) last trip to the local Firestone.  Turns out that big noise I heard driving to work on Thursday morning and the subsequent thumping noise I kept hearing on Thursday... and then promptly forgot about when I got back home... yeah, turns out it was a NAIL in my tire.  Yeah, no big deal, just driving around with a huge NAIL in my tire.  We didn't drive the car all day Friday and I didn't remember until Saturday morning as Claire and I drove to our Safeway five minutes away and heard the sound again.  I parked and got out to see if I could find anything and noticed the tire looked a little flat.  I immediately freaked out, got back in the car, cancelled our plans for a fun-filled day at the park with friends, and sat at home worrying about it until Mark got home a few hours later.  We drove it over to Firestone where the nice man pointed out the huge nail we hadn't bothered to look closely enough for.  We sure will miss that Firestone... among other things. 

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  1. Oh we have been there and done is definitely fun to open all your stuff up again a year later! I definitely forgot about a lot of our cute/fun/unnecessary things! We still have some boxes that have remained untouched, and will stay that way until we unpack everything in our new house (ie all of our holiday decorations!) Good luck on your move!