Sunday, July 22, 2012

I have realized something about myself over the past several years.  The heat and I are not friends.  Not the Miami Heat team (although I feel no real love for them either), but the overwhelming heat of a crazy hot day.  I hate feeling sweaty all over with no hopes of reprieve anytime soon.  It makes me want to lay down on the ground and just give up.  That becomes harder when you have a baby who needs/wants you to hold her.  I love Claire dearly, but oh my gosh it is so gross to feed Claire while we are both sweaty all over.  Also, I apparently can't lay down on the ground when I should be up and packing all our belongings.  I keep pushing it off because I'm too hot, but I can't keep using that excuse anymore. 

As I'm reading this back, I realize how sad this sounds.  Seriously, we are living in the 21st century (that's the century we're in now, right?)... all houses should have A/C!!

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