Sunday, April 14, 2013

Whatcha talking about baby?

It’s official… Claire is a talker!  In just the last two weeks she has suddenly started saying so many things, or at least trying to say words here and there.  Here’s a list of words she can say:
  • Woof 
  • Baa
  • No
  • Yay (i.e. cheering)
  • Moo (more like just an M sound)
  • Meow (more like just an M sound)
  • Neigh (more like just an N sound)
  • Pop (as in bubbles popping)
  • Nose (more like "no")
  • Mama
  • Daddy
  • Oh no (when something goes wrong... it's super cute)
  • Owl
  • Hello/hi
  • Bye
  • Moon
  • Ball

Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 2013 (i.e. a post that only a grandparent would love)

I'm just giving up on updating things from last time I wrote.  Giving up.  And I would probably give up on this blog entirely, except that I really like the idea of it and, more importantly, I keep feeling bad about not sending more pictures and videos to our family who we don't see very often.  I want them to see and know Claire as she grows up.  So, thus, the blog is continuing to chug along.  Here are some updates for what Claire has been up to this month.  Basically, this will be a lot of straight-up pictures.  So a post that only a grandparent will enjoy. 

Claire doesn't always like sitting in carts anymore, but she sure makes shopping more exciting. 
You can only kind tell from this picture, but Claire skinned her knee on the first day she wore shorts this year.  She then re-skinned the same knee twice over the next two days.  It's actually still a little red. 
Claire's favorite place to hang out during the move (i.e. after everything in the cupboard had already been boxed up)

Claire has started trying to imitate us, which I take as the ultimate form of flattery.

Claire actually really loves tv.  Whenever she sees the remote, she tries to motion us to turn it on and gets excited about a "show."  On moving day, this was actually super helpful, but we're trying to limit on regular days. 
My sleepy cuties on moving day!!  (sorry, this one is out of order, but I can't figure out how to fix it)

Moving Day

Moving Day

Claire absolutely loves her crib lately.  When she wakes up, she usually wakes up happy and does not want to get out of her crib.  She will give you her stuffed toys and want you to give them back, and then she requests to have other toys put into her crib.  It can take 20-30 minutes before she is willing to get out of the crib. 

We bought this little side table and kiddie chairs at IKEA and Claire gets such a kick out of sitting at a table her size and eating snacks. 

We brought the car seat inside for some reason and Claire loved playing around with it. 

One morning I was playing with a diaper and her toys (trying to help her focus and let me change her diaper) and she wanted me to put it on her teddy bear.  She continued to carry him around all day and couldn't get enough of him.  After the diaper came off, she hasn't been as into him. 

Claire and her diapered bear eating lunch (she insisted he be right next to her and insisted on giving him some food - you can see a little something on the chair in front of him). 

We have a little patio at our apartment where Claire can get outside and play.

Family Photo

Claire also loves playing around with her stroller inside (often making me push her around and/or pushing her toys around).

She has found a new use for bowls recently.
Claire loves pushing her toys around in her little toy stroller (thanks Mom!).  Her biggest regret though is that she can't fit into it.  I think I've finally stopped her from trying to step into all the time. 

Claire sure loves herself, just like we love her!

Please notice the cutest smile of Claire checking herself out... and please notice her crazy bed hair.  Love it!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Mark and I were called to be in the nursery in our new ward, which so far has been quite the adventure.  It's a little weird for us because Claire is still only 9 months old (just barely 3 days ago!), so she's only really halfway to being in nursery for reals, but she has to go with us starting now.  We are so lucky that she is a fairly easy baby because we can occasionally put her down and she will entertain herself and/or just watch the other kids.  It's just when the other bigger kids get excited about her and get to close and/or step on her, or when she tries to play with a toy that isn't safe for her.  It makes the calling a bit stressful.  There were multiple times today when I was trying to calm down a screaming child while still holding and/or playing with Claire.  She will have lots of socializing opportunities and will be very used to nursery by the time she's really supposed to be in there. 

We still can't quite believe that Claire is already 9 months old.  Her life just seems to be flying by!  She's now been outside my belly and hanging out with us for longer than she was inside my belly.  It has come up so much faster than I would have thought.  There are hard, long days occasionally (and sometimes hard/long weeks), but all in all it just flies by.  I think back on some of her little phases that seemed to last an eternity at the time, but have now completely passed.  Of course, we're always dealing with some new phase, so we can't relax quite yet.  Right now she is having some troubles with sleeping.  For the most part she used to be so good at sleeping and not crying during the middle of the night, at least not more than a 5-second "put the binky back in" cry.  Over the last week or so she has started waking up for long stretches in the middle of the night. 

We have had lots of visitors recently, including Randy/Sandy and crew, Brett/Becky and crew, and my parents.  Our last set of visitors just left, so we're getting used to a quiet house again.  We loved having each of them and have enjoyed being able to have lots of mini family reunions. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pros and Cons of Yorba Linda so far...

  • Family close by that we get to see regularly
  • Family who come visit us (a total of 3 families in a months time)
  • Swimming pool
  • Backyard (grass nearby instead of a long walk away)
  • Dog and cat (Claire loves them... almost too much!  She chases after them laughing)
  • Laundry in the house (instead of the coin-op apartment complex laundry)
  • Stater Bros grocery store
  • Lots of new rooms and areas where Claire can explore and we can spread out
  • New ward seems to have lots of young couples like us
  • Hearing Disneyland fireworks every night
  • Game Show Network!!
  • Dog and cat hair
  • Large house means lots more cleaning than before!
  • Serious ongoing concerns about the dog getting out of the backyard
  • Leaving our old ward and our many friends we had made

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I have realized something about myself over the past several years.  The heat and I are not friends.  Not the Miami Heat team (although I feel no real love for them either), but the overwhelming heat of a crazy hot day.  I hate feeling sweaty all over with no hopes of reprieve anytime soon.  It makes me want to lay down on the ground and just give up.  That becomes harder when you have a baby who needs/wants you to hold her.  I love Claire dearly, but oh my gosh it is so gross to feed Claire while we are both sweaty all over.  Also, I apparently can't lay down on the ground when I should be up and packing all our belongings.  I keep pushing it off because I'm too hot, but I can't keep using that excuse anymore. 

As I'm reading this back, I realize how sad this sounds.  Seriously, we are living in the 21st century (that's the century we're in now, right?)... all houses should have A/C!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

We have been packing up our lives this week, which is such a crazy feeling.  A lot of our stuff is just going into storage for about a year, so as I go through our house I try to separate our things into "won't need for at least a year" and "will need within a year."  I know I'm not supposed to be attached to worldly possessions, but there are several things I'm going to miss.  A lot of our pictures and decorations that I've had such fun gathering and putting around the house.  Having bookshelves full of my well-read (and some not-so-well-read) books.  I will just be that much more excited when I get to unpack these things in a year when we move into our own place again.  It will be like one massive Christmas, or like finding something you had lost, or finding something you had forgotten you ever owned.  Packing is coming along though, but I'm running out of things I can pack now and won't need in the next two weeks before we actually move.  Although... as I start thinking more, there will be plenty to keep me busy. 

We've also started saying our goodbyes, which is always sad and weird.  We've had to say goodbye to some of our friends already.  And then on Saturday we said goodbyes to some "things."  We made our last trip to Icing on the Cake in downtown Los Gatos, for some of the bestest cupcakes ever in such a sweet little downtown area.  We went to one of our favorite Thai places around here, Amarin Thai (or, more accurately, Mark got take-out).  And we also made our (hopefully) last trip to the local Firestone.  Turns out that big noise I heard driving to work on Thursday morning and the subsequent thumping noise I kept hearing on Thursday... and then promptly forgot about when I got back home... yeah, turns out it was a NAIL in my tire.  Yeah, no big deal, just driving around with a huge NAIL in my tire.  We didn't drive the car all day Friday and I didn't remember until Saturday morning as Claire and I drove to our Safeway five minutes away and heard the sound again.  I parked and got out to see if I could find anything and noticed the tire looked a little flat.  I immediately freaked out, got back in the car, cancelled our plans for a fun-filled day at the park with friends, and sat at home worrying about it until Mark got home a few hours later.  We drove it over to Firestone where the nice man pointed out the huge nail we hadn't bothered to look closely enough for.  We sure will miss that Firestone... among other things. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I've officially given up on the idea of "catching up" on this blog.  We'll just pretend nothing exciting happened in the last year or so... oh wait, that would be completely inaccurate.  This last year was one of the hardest, most stupendous, life-changing years ever.  Mark and I were lucky enough to become parents to our own darling Claire.  She has changed me in ways that I never even imagined were possible.  I thought I knew how exciting and crazy and difficult having a baby would be, but no sort of preparation could have helped.  Even little things, like getting used to early mornings (okay, okay, I'm not really used to it yet, but dealing with it better than I would have in the past).  And then there's the big changes, like feeling this overwhelming love and concern for another human being, most of it before I even really knew her little personality.  From the first moment they pulled her out (sorry, that's the most graphic I'll get, promise) and held her up for me to see, I felt this overwhelming rush of love and happiness.  I've never felt anything like it before.  Everything was 100% completely perfect with the world, even as all this craziness was going on and doctor's talking about bleeding (okay, that is the most graphic) and taking care of all sorts of stuff, I was holding my little baby and feeling like I had finally found the thing that made me complete.  The thing that I hadn't realized I was missing before until I had it.  This little girl makes life perfect. 

Now, that doesn't mean that Claire-bear hasn't had her difficult moments (props has to go out to Abby, Mark's mom, who came out to help us and for some reason let us talk her into staying up with Claire until about 3 am holding her and watching TV... how did we allow her to do that?  Looking back now, I seriously feel bad about making her do that.  Mark and I both asleep in our comfy bed, while she stayed up late until Mark took his turn and she went back to sleep on our air mattress.  We are so eternally indebted to her.  We will always look back on those first few days with fondness, especially because Abby was there helping us through it all.  And yes, for those who were keeping track, I slept through most of the nights, just waking up long enough to feed her.  I am the luckiest gal ever).  Okay, that was a long "aside" so now I've lost my train of thought.  Currently Mark is watching "Dance Party" in the background while I'm typing this, making it hard to concentrate.  Basically, it's crazy people dressed up and dancing to 80's music in a very bright studio.  Our local KOFY TV station tapes these shows on random Saturdays and invites people to come dance.  Then we get to watch and laugh at crazy people dancing insanely.  We especially love the repeat people who are on every episode.  Anyways, back to our current life...

Claire is now almost 7 months old!  Holy crikey I just realized how close she is to 7 months old.  I've been saying 6 months and haven't even thought 7 months yet.  And now she'll turn 7 months in 6 days!  So, Claire currently:
  • Can sit up all by herself!  I was nervous to leave her alone sitting up by herself for awhile, but now she's totally capable!  
  • As evidenced by the picture above, Claire smiles like crazy.  She has the sweetest personality.  Also, she has the chubbiest cheeks.  Her sweet personality and chubby cheeks are the two things most people comment on.  I love it!
  • Claire laughs!  I was so excited for this one and she still definitely makes us work for a good laugh, but it's so cute.  See video below (sorry, it's kinda sideways.  I am computer/video illiterate apparently).  
  • Claire is so close to crawling.  She has been able to turn over both ways for a month or two now, so she typically uses that method to get around.  Lately though, she gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth.  Or she'll get up on her hands and her toes, sticking her bum up in the air.  It's hysterical. She can't quite figure out what to do at that point, so she usually collapses and rubs her head into her hands. She will push herself forward a few inches if you leave her alone for several minutes, but you can tell it's a lot of work for her. 
  • Just the other day I put Claire in her crib to play with her music while I tried to get something done.  I came back to find that she had pulled herself up onto her toes into an almost standing position.  Apparently we'll have to lower the crib pretty soon.  
  • Claire has always loved standing up.  I think she just likes seeing more of the world.  Recently, I tried holding her hands and walking along with her and she actually vaguely walked!  She got the motion, but was definitely not holding herself up and would have fallen hard if I had let go.  My little girl is growing up!
  • We started feeding her solid foods just a few days before her 6 month birthday.  We started with rice cereal and she absolutely loves it!  She was needing more food apparently.  We then went to peas (loved), whole wheat cereal (loved), oatmeal cereal (loved), and prunes (yep, you called it... loved).  Our girl loves to eat!  She often gets upset at us for taking too long to get the cereal from the bowl to her mouth.  In fact, I often feed her while she sucks on her binky, to stop her little cries in between bites.  I give her a spoonful, pull it out and stick in the binky, then she sucks on the binky until the spoon is right by her mouth, when she drops the binky and I try to catch it while giving her a spoonful.  It's a fun, sticky process.  
  • Claire loves watching other little kids play.  We think she's just very inquisitive.  She also loves watching cars drive by our window.  Oh, and the 30 Rock intro is engrossing to her.  She can't look away.  Sad that we know that, but she really likes it!   
With that, I have now caught you up on the last year or two of our lives.  The goal now is to update more often.  Stay tuned to see how that goes.  :)