Saturday, July 24, 2010

January Joys 2010

After returning home from our Christmas vacation, we tried our hardest to settle down into normal life. Always hard after long, fun vacations. Of course it always helps that my birthday falls in January! Mark was so nice and absolutely spoiled me rotten. That evening, we went out to eat at a new Thai restaurant that we found near our house... Thai food is one of my absolutely favorites! He also gave me lots of fun presents...

And even bought me the hugely yummy Costco chocolate cake! Man oh man I love this cake... although I have to admit that we definitely couldn't eat too much of it ourselves so we actually still have some sitting in our freezer today... 6 months later. Sad, I know. But so yummy!!

I also decided that it would be fun to go to Sea World because I've never been there and have always really wanted to. Once we started looking into it, we couldn't resist because with Mark's southern California residency, we got an annual pass for the price of a one day pass. So we're going to try and use it a few more times this year and really make it worth our money. Besides, who could say no to such cute polar bears?? And yes, I keep wanting to call them panda bears for some reason. I have no excuses.

I even tried to become one with the polar bear.

And dolphins! How cool is that?? I love dolphins.

We absolutely loved the Shamu show... which happened about a month before the horrible Shamu disaster in Florida. We've been since and the show has totally changed. In January, the trainers were all jumping in the water and swimming with the whales and would get close to them. Nooooo longer. Since the trainer's death, the show changed drastically. No one got in or even really close to the water or the whales. The Shamu show is definitely cheesy, but at least before the accident was really cool.

We were starving after the Shamu show, so our yummy lunch made all the difference.

I love hanging out with Mark. He is always up for fun and adventure. We climbed all over the playground area, where mostly just kids and parents were hanging out and had so much fun.

We put off getting wet until the end of our day so we could get right into the car and turn up the heater. After all, even though we live in California, it was still January and pretty cold. We went down a raging rapids ride twice in a row (because no one was going due to the cold!), got soaking wet, and had a blast.

Then on our way out of the park, we passed by the Shamu show starting all over again. Since we were already wet, having so much fun, and didn't really want to leave quite yet... we went down into the third row of the "get-wet-here" section. At one point during the show, a whale literally jumped up thirty feet in the air right in front of us and got us so stinkin' wet. After a few more whale splashes, we left the park happy and completely soaked. Our clothes were still wet after the hour and half drive back to Yorba Linda.