Friday, December 4, 2009

Inheritance (i.e. my ode to Mom)


I've been a bit sick this past week. Nothing too bad, just congestion and lots of sneezing. Which has brought me to a certain realization. I have inherited my mom's sneezes. I have no idea when this happened. I remember growing up when my mom would sneeze and it was seriously the loudest thing you had ever heard. You could hear her throughout the entire house. You knew when she walked in by her sneezes. I always thought it was funny and used to tease her about it. Turns out at some point I started taking after her. I don't think I fully realized it until getting married. Now that Mark has to deal with every single sneeze I ever sneeze, he has pointed out that they are pretty stinkin' loud. And I don't even know how to sneeze quieter! Can most people control the strength and loudness of their sneezes? I just can't help it. My nose starts itching and I just have to get it out. It's the type of sneeze that takes over my whole body and it feels like I'm getting everything out of my system. Also, I can't stop at just one sneeze. Mark always is amazed when it's just one... you can usually count on me for two or three... or more when I'm actually sick. Sure feels good when I'm done though. Silly, but it makes me laugh when I think about it.


My mom is the type of person who cries at, quite literally, almost anything. We tease her about it all the time. I know a lot of people cry at things, but do you know someone who tears up at sweet commercials or lets some tears drop during Full House or Little House on the Prairie (how tear-jerking is it when the little girls make up after bad fights)? That's my mom. And I always used to think she was so silly. Just my cute little mom who had some sort of emotional instability. (sorry Mom, I know that's not true, but as a young child it was just hilarious how much you cried). Over the years I have noticed that I would occasionally tear up at certain things, but nothing too bad. I remember tearing up at the end of watching the LDS soldier movie when the guy dies (sorry, don't remember the name right now... and sorry if I gave away the ending to anyone) and being in the movie theater sitting in between all these boys and feeling so silly. Nothing a little quick dab couldn't take care of though.

Well, especially since getting married, I have become a complete and utter emotional wreck! Any movies dealing with spousal... anything... well, I most definitely tear up. My tears seem to be limited to movies/tv. Maybe I'm taking them too seriously. I remember one Saturday right after getting married, Mark was out playing basketball and I was having a chill morning watching "p.s. I love you" by myself (because I knew Mark didn't really want to watch it). Oh my gosh. Tear my heartstrings. I was bawling through a good portion of that movie, tears just streaming down my cheeks and sobs heaving. I just can't even imagine and don't want to. Mark means so much to me. Goodness love that boy!! Oh my gosh I am ridiculous though! Another example of this behavior happened last week. For Thanksgiving Mark and I watched the movie "planes, trains, and automobiles" (edited of course), which is probably the only Thanksgiving movie ever made. It's so stinkin' hilarious. Steve Martin and John Candy and their desperate trip to get home for the big day. I watched it for the first time with Mark a few years ago and just remember how funny it was. Watching it the second time after getting married, I remembered a certain fact about John Candy's character that is revealed near the end and thought about it while watching (sorry to be cryptic, but just in case you want to watch it...). Then at the end of the movie when the fact is revealed, I couldn't help but start crying. Mark looked over and noticed and was confused at first as to why I was crying at one of the most hilarious movies ever. I can't even imagine how much worse it will be when I have children and see sad things about children in movies or tv shows.

I am becoming just like my Mother!!. Not a bad person to take after though. Definitely one of the best. :)